Basic Cardiac Electrophysiology Certificate Course part 1

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The course on this platform execution and planning taken years of the international faculty and the technical team at Heartbeatsz academy.
The senior chief faculty for the Master review course had to spend nearly $ 2700 for registration only and the travelling with accomodation were all extra in Chicago, USA in 2014. That motivated him to share the professional knowledge in comprehensive way at super affordable price to be able to help the students globally save money. The visitors especially students will be able to notice, the faculty members are not only highly qualified from the best global academic institutions but even on price wise they are pocket friendly. They are updated on a regular basis. The academic courses boast of among the highest hours of quality video content compared to any other platform including Udemy (Kindly compare and verify).

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Welcome to the Heartbeastz academy program that has been created by academic, clinician and researcher with global reputation. He has been trained across the best 50 clinical global universities including Harvard
Medical school for advance medical techniques.

The academic program is meant for healthcare professionals including doctors, researchers, technicians, patients and the knowledge enthusiasts curious to know more about the details regarding Indications, programming, trouble shooting of such common topics of interest etc.
The videos also focus on various concise notes, do it yourself (DIY) with tips and tricks like interactive sessions to make it really interesting.

What Will I Learn?

  • pacing
  • ablation
  • EP
  • electrophysiology

Topics for this course

14 Lessons7h 54m


Conduction study00:24:58
Cellular cardiac electrophysiology00:39:30
Introduction to anatomy and physiology of heart00:59:56
How to do a basic EP study00:24:58
Supra ventricular tachycardia differential diagnosis00:02:55
Right ventricle entrainment for SVT differential diagnosis00:02:55
How to Para His pacing and its uses00:09:56
AVNRT ablation.. step by step approach01:15:09
Accessory pathway and ablation00:30:24
Atrial flutter approach and ablation00:53:25
Atrial fibrillation ablation: Different approaches00:53:25
Anti arrhytmic drugs
The tip and tricks to intracardiac tracings of SVT00:54:52
cardioversion and defibrillation for arrhythmia management00:47:55

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Target Audience

  • beginners for heart arrhythmias