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This course will teach will some super tricks to help you for better memory technique. The top 10 study habits of successful students  in this highly competitive world, especially about techniques to enhance learning including following •Try not to do too much studying at one time

•Plan specific times for studying

•Try to study at the same times each day

•Set specific goals for your study time

•Start studying when planned

•Work on the assignments or materials that are the most difficult first

•Review notes before beginning an assignment

•Eliminate distractions during study time

•Call another student for assistance when needed

•Review schoolwork over the weekends

Topics for this course

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How to be super memory champion

how to increase your reading speed00:00:00
Techniques to Enhance #Learning​ and #Memory​00:00:00
BEST Scientific #Study​ Tips for exam study less, study smart00:00:00
how to make study group work #studygroup​ #howtostudy​00:00:00
#Memory​ types and how to master them #memorymastery​ #memoryincreasetips​00:00:00
Tips and trick to study better00:00:00

About the instructor

-- Clinician >2500 ablation procedures and devices implantation (CRT, AICD, Wireless & His bundle pacemaker and Complex pacemakers), -- Researcher>65 publications (and >500 citations) in reputed journals including JACC and Heart rhythm journal, -- Teacher: Visiting Professor( Cardiology) EDU (Germany & Malta); (program chair for an International University cardiology program and successful Youtube channel with >500 lectures and huge following) -- Expert consultant for several cardiology global firms including Abbott (USA) and Medtronic ( Netherlands & USA) -- Writer (Several books to credit) and -- Honoured physician (member of various European Society of Cardiology task force groups and was awarded "NRI of the year award" 2018 for academics by Times group; Received American Heart rhythm Society scholarship [HRS] 2018 for advance heart arrhythmia training at St Luke's medical center, USA; received American College of Cardiology (ACC) 2019 travel award and many others. He is European Board Certified Cardiac electrophysiologist (ECES) with his doctorate thesis in cardiology on Atrial fibrillation ablation from Maastricht University Medical Centre, Netherlands(ranked among top 50 clinical university of world). He graduated in Health economics and cardiovascular management from London School of economics and is "International Education Tutor" and 2021 Symposium Organising Committee member for Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (UK) since Dec 2018. He has also worked as a reviewer for journals such as The Lancet and global consultant for various studies as DISCOVERY, PAINFREE-SST, Enlight HTN and IMPROVE SCA. He was key to approval of first ever catheter for epicardial VT ablation by TGA. He was trained earlier at some of the best hospitals across USA, UK, Germany and Netherlands. His primary interest lies in atrial fibrillation, arrhythmia management, Heart failure and cardiovascular economics. He has >15 years of experience in Cardiology. He is a fellow of 1] Royal college of Physicians, Edinburg UK (FRCP) 2] European Society of Cardiology (FESC) 3] American college of Cardiology (FACC) He is currently based in UK. He is a visiting faculty and "teacher of teachers" at various global academics cardiology hospitals.
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