CESR is a great and very suitable way of getting on specialist registred of General Medical Council, UK. Getting on that specialist register not only boosts the confidence, brings self esteem, wider global recognition but also increases the salary by a minimum of 2-3 thousand £ per month. So, with each month passing by the candidates loose that amount easily.

So, don’t waste the valuable time and share your CV for an expert evaluation. Most of specialists are very busy professionals whose time is very costly. After a short consent, a detailed discussion will be arranged to plan for the CESR application with emphasis on your particular speciality with a successful CESR specialist (your personal mentor). Step by step process is used with appointment at regular intervals to guide the application.So, you’ll decide what percentage months pay you wish to loose by delay (3000 – 4,000£) . Let’s not forget the benefits of getting the CESR application filed at the earliest like prestige, promotion and respect too being on specialist register.

The mentors have been through rigorous process of CESR application. They will help you with their vast practical experience to help you avoid the pitfalls which others have to go through. Thank you for contacting us.
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